Gold Bar


Vape Gold's Gold Bar Disposable Vape raises the bar in the vaping industry by blending top-quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship to deliver a superior and delightful flavour experience.

Gold Bar disposable vapes offer high nicotine satisfaction in compact and fresh-looking devices that will stand out in a crowd! With up to 600 puffs of 20mg nic salts, it’s perfect for heavy smokers looking to quit.

There are hyper mesh coils integrated into each device to ensure maximum flavour with each MTL throat hit.

Take your pick from the 22 different flavours below which are a combination of delicious fruity flavours to satisfy any nicotine habits.

For easy use, they are prefilled and precharged ready to go right out of the packaging, with auto-draw functionality so you can puff on it like a cigarette without the thousands of unknown dangerous toxins!

The Gold Bar has been getting great vape reviews, experience it yourself.

Key Features

22 different flavours
600 puffs
Hyper mesh coils for consistent taste
20mg nicotine salts
2ml capacity disposable
Auto-draw function

Gold Bar Flavours

Banana Ice – sweet banana flavours mixed with ice on the exhale
Blue Raspberry – fresh vibes with blue raspberry
Blueberry Ice – a blend of ice and blueberry notes
Blueberry Peach – a combination of succulent peach with tangy blueberries
Bora Bora – grapefruit with mixed berries
Grapefruit – subtle grapefruit flavours
Hawaiian Sunrise – peach, pineapple and watermelon
Kiwi Passion – tangy kiwi mixed with fresh passion fruit notes
Lemon Ice – bursting with lemon flavours and finished with cooling ice
Melon Berry – berries and melon in one fine vape experience
Oasis – menthol throughout mixed with berries and tropical fruits
Peach Ice – tasty peach flavours with an ice finish
Peach Mango Watermelon – watermelon, tasty mango and succulent peach
Peach Pear – peach and pear, what more could you want?
Prime – strawberries, blueberries and raspberries combine
Raspberry Watermelon – tasty watermelon flavours mixed with raspberry
Spearmint – a delightfully fresh spearmint vape
Strawberry Parfait – strawberry and pastry flavours to make a fruity buttery vape
Strawberry Peach – sweet peach and strawberry together
Summer Berries – subtle berry flavours mixed
Watermelon Citrus Ice – fresh watermelon with inspiring citrus flavours and ice on the exhale
Watermelon Ice – mouth-watering watermelon with a cooling ice experience

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